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Sustainable development, ethics, environmental friendliness, and the well-being of both people's bodies and minds. Branding agency Lumoji creates stories about responsible innovations and how they will transform people and the world.


In today's world, there is greater demand for good news than ever before. That's precisely why Lumoji exists. At Lumoji, creativity is harnessed in the service of good things, so that awareness of the existence of better alternatives can grow.

Lumoji's clients often share the desire to improve the well-being of people or the environment, or to do things more sustainably and responsibly. As a branding agency, Lumoji is determined to make these issues visible.

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One-stop shop

Lumoji conveniently offers all branding and marketing communication services under one roof.

We swear by strategic planning, which is also our core competence. In practice, strategy may involve building brand identities or defining content production and marketing guidelines.

In addition to strategic planning, Lumoji also handles the implementation of all practical marketing activities aligned with the strategy. This could include for instance content marketing, website development, video production, social media marketing, or materials for various offline environments.

For those who want to make a difference

Lumoji's clients come from both Finnish and international markets, spanning businesses of all sizes. The clientele includes industries such as healthcare, environmental care, environmental research, ecological design, and safety. Do you want to do good as well? Get in touch. Exceptional opportunities for collaboration are waiting if our values align.

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Global network for added strength

Lumoji operates on a producer model. This means that, when working with us, you always have access to a network of professionals who best suit your project needs. The network includes visual designers, photographers, 3D artists, illustrators, and production companies, among others.

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