Strategic planning

Strategic planning is key to executing marketing communication that is appealing and delivers results. At Lumoji, strategy work typically involves defining brand strategy, marketing strategy, or content marketing strategy.

Brand Strategies

Lumoji produces brand strategies for both new and established businesses. Whether it’s creating something new or updating an existing brand, strategy work is always carried out meticulously.

The planning process begins with thorough background research and clear goal setting. Throughout the process, the brand essence is
refined to withstand the most critical scrutiny.

As a result of the strategy work, the brand gets a visual and verbal identity that speaks to the target groups in accordance with the goals.

Marketing Strategies

Systematic planning is also crucial in practical marketing. A carefully constructed strategy ensures the best possible outcome from marketing efforts and optimises the financial investment in marketing.

Among other things, a marketing strategy addresses such things as marketing themes, the formats of what needs to be implemented, and the channels for effectively reaching target audiences.

The strategy must align with the available budget, so be prepared to consider numbers during the strategy planning phase.

Content Marketing Strategies

Content marketing is no small piece of the marketing puzzle. It also comes at a cost, as high-quality content cannot be produced without in-depth research.

The importance of a carefully constructed content marketing strategy cannot be overemphasised. It serves as a guideline and the common thread from which each individual piece of content is produced.

Lumoji content marketing strategies always consider content themes and types, target audiences, conversion goals, publishing channels, and timing.

How it works

In the early stages of strategy creation, your participation and dedication are required.

You will take part in a workshop where we conduct a comprehensive review of your company's history, current state, and future goals. During this meeting, Lumoji gathers all the basic information about your company needed to carry out the strategy work.

The workshop is often an enlightening experience for many, as it often brings forth new perspectives on the company's marketing and overall operations. Therefore, it is really worthwhile putting significant effort into this meeting.